Piano Keys

PIANO: Where the Best Player Sit The Bench

Just two steps for practicing the piano

1. Schedule time for practice -  Lessons alone don't make a pianist.  It takes practice.  If you don't schedule time, practice will just get "leftover" time.  Soccer practice and band practice have scheduled times - piano practice should have a scheduled time too!  Having a schedule time for your child to practice tells them piano practice is important to you.  Using leftover time to practice suggests it is not important. Some kids just need a reminder, so sticky notes on mirrors or random places are fun reminders.

2. Read assignment and follow the instructions. Too often, students come to lessons having never read the assignment during the week- too often workbook pages are not completed and pieces never touched.


30 Minutes of Practice is just 2% of you day! 


Life if complicated so we make this simple.  Students must attend a minimum of 120 minutes of lessons each month - in any combination of 30 or 60 minute lessons.   Students failing to meet this guideline will forfeit their time slot.  Time slots fill up quickly when registration opens each month.  If you can't find anything that works for you, contact Charla.

Cancellations -  Cancellations must be made online. There is no charge for cancellations made with 24 hours notice - we will open the slot online and someone will take it.  There is a charge for cancellations made without 12 hours notice.  There is a charge for all no-shows. 

Sick - If a lesson is cancelled because a student is sick, a notification will be sent  to all families informing them of the opening.  There will only be a charge if no one fills the slot.