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  • Students who are 5-7 years-old,  should schedule weekly 30 minutes lessons. 

  • Students who are at least 8 years old, may schedule 30 ($24) or 60 ($48) minutes lessons.  

Maintaining a Bow

To maintain a violin bow, the bow hair should be slightly loosened each time it is put in the case. When taking the violin back out of the case for practice, tighten the bow back to where it was originally. Not only does a bow need to be loosened after practice, it also needs rosin. It isn’t necessary to apply rosin each time a student practices, but if the bow friction is low, applying a few strokes of rosin should help.


Being Fitted and Other Necessities 

A student first needs to be fitted for a violin. For a student to be comfortable learning, it is important to have the correct size violin. Most music shops can fit students for a violin, and St. Louis Strings is a great place to do this. Renting an instrument is a great opportunity for a child to discover a love for an instrument without the pressures of purchasing it forever. If a student rents an instrument, as they grow their violin can be swapped in for bigger sizes to allow them to be comfortable while playing. Along with his or her violin, a student will need a bow, rosin, shoulder rest, and instrument case.

For Rentals, click here: St. Louis Strings:


It is common for instruments to go out of tune. This isn’t a problem and can be fixed easily. To tune a violin, turn the pegs at the top of the instrument and press firmly into the scroll. A violin is tuned to the notes G3, D4, A4, and E5. 

This link gives the tuning pitches:

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