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ANNOUNCEMENT April 5, 2022

We are sad to announce that Ms. Jubilee and Ms. Jasper will be moving at the end of May.  We are all going to miss them SO much but understand their desire to be closer to family.  

Ms. Allison and Ms. Avery will be teaching most of Jubilee and Jasper’s students. 


Ms. Allison joined our staff in March.  In May, she will begin teaching full time!  Allison is a graduate of SIU-E where she minored in music.  She will be teaching piano, voice, and ukulele lessons. 

Ms. Avery will join us June 2.  She will be teaching violin.  Avery graduated from the University of Wyoming where she studied dance.  She has played violin 23 years.  Avery will be teaching violin 3 days a week this summer. 

                Ms. Allison Knapp                                                             Ms. Avery Lux                                                       

Allison Knapp - photo.jpg
Avery Lux - Photo.jpeg
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