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Why Play The Drums?

Drumming is fantastic for many reasons. It has been proven to improve motor skill development, build confidence, relieve stress, and helps with math skills as all drummers have to count to stay on beat! Also, what band is complete without a great drummer?


What To Expect In a Lesson:

When taking drum lessons, students will:

-Learn how to read musical rhythms and notations

-Learn the proper technique used in drumming.

-In lessons, we use a single drum practice pad to play on.

Recommended Materials:

Drum Sticks

-I recommend “Vic Firth American Classic 5A” sticks. Any full sized sticks will work, these are just the ones I use. They are available for purchase on or at Guitar Center.

 Drum practice pad or drum set

-Available on or Guitar Center


-You are able to download a free metronome app on your smartphone or tablet. If you Google search “metronome,” one will pop up for you on there as well.


What To Expect In a Lesson

  • Learn all the notes, and how to play melodies!

  • Produce a good sound and bend notes

  • Practice good embouchure and technique

  • Learn iconic harmonica solos

  • Improvise over the blues

Recommended Materials

  • For the best quality, purchase a Lee Oskar Harmonica in the key of C

  • Any other harmonica works as well, such as Hohner


What To Expect In a Lesson

  • Improvise on any instrument!

  • Play timeless jazz standards

  • Analyze and understand jazz harmony

  • For pianists, learn how to accompany a jazz combo

  • Learn the history of jazz music through iconic albums and artists



  • Must already have intermediate-level experience on your instrument. 

  • Be able to play through at least 7 major scales (3 sharps, 3 flats)

Songwriting & Composition

What To Expect In a Lesson

  • Break through your creative block with composition prompts and projects!

  • Analyze and apply music theory

  • Build your toolkit for writing lyrics!

  • Compose for any genre, and get constructive feedback on how to improve

  • Use music software to your advantage!


Recommended Materials

  • Staff paper

    • Bring a separate binder or notebook with staff paper

    • Students will use this to write out their ideas by hand, and take notes

  • Music Notation Software

    • Download MuseScore, a free music notation software. 

    • For more experienced composers, I highly recommend the software Sibelius

  • Music Recording Software

    • GarageBand (Mac) and Audacity (Windows) are free digital audio workstations.

    • Students will be using this to learn how to record their projects.

    • For more experienced composers, I highly recommend the software Logic


In addition to their piano lessons, students can take online theory lessons for extra help with concepts, such as note naming, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, music terms, etc.


When you sign up, lessons can be tailored to the correct level and desired area of practice for each student.


These lessons are designed to help students get more comfortable and skilled with aspects of piano that will be implemented into their playing and traditional lessons.



What To Expect In a Lesson

  • Learn all the notes and valve combinations!

  • Produce a good sound out of the instrument

  • Practice good articulation and technique

  • Expand your range!

  • Work on solo performance music and ensemble parts


Recommended Materials

  • Trumpet

  • 7c Mouthpiece

  • Valve oil

bass guitar


French horn